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A detailed lesson plan is a teacher's road map for every lesson, it is step by step process a teacher will take to teach on a particular topic.
Semi Detailed
A semi detailed lesson plan is more simplier than detailed lesson plan.
Activating Prior Knowledge
Activating prior knowledge, also known as "activating prior experience" or "schema activation," is a teaching strategy where educators stimulate and tap into the students' existing knowledge
Acquiring New Knowledge
Acquiring new knowledge in teaching refers to the process by which educators introduce and facilitate the learning of new information, skills, or concepts to students.
Applying New Knowledge
Applying New Knowledge" in the context of teaching refers to the process by which teachers integrate newly acquired information, skills, and understanding into their teaching practices.
Assessing The Knowledge
Assessing the knowledge of teachers typically involves evaluating their understanding, skills, and proficiency in various aspects related to teaching and education.

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