Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Leukemia We Need To Know

The functions of the blood started to stumble and the healthy blood cells are packed with the unhealthy blood cells.

Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow and blood. This disease occurs when there is an unusual generation of particular blood cells. The functions of the blood started to stumble and the healthy blood cells are packed with the unhealthy blood cells.

There are some physical signs that you will begin to notice as the condition gradually grows. Here is the list of some symptoms of this condition:

Excessive Bruising

Extreme bruising occurs because of the low platelet count or clotting problems. There are some purple dots that are noticeable in various regions of the body.

According to the chief of medical oncology at the Eastern Regional Medical Center and chair of the department of medical oncology at the C4ncer Treatment Centers of Americ, Pamela Crilley, DO,

 “You will bruise spontaneously, seemingly doing nothing. It can be anywhere, but typically they’ll be on the extremities—legs and arms.”

Shortness Of Breath

As you get weaker and ger more fatigue, you can suffer on the shortness of breath. Doing a simple and easy task like when you walk in the room, you already gasping for air because of this. The shortness of breath might be a sign of lung c4ncer.

Fatigue And Weakness

Even though you already sleep for 8 hours already, you might usually feel tired and weak due to the lack of red blood cells, a disease known as anemia.

Based on the assistant professor of medical oncology, hematology, and medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, Anne Renteria, M.D.,

 “Exhaustion is something we all kind of consider to be normal, but when you're disproportionately tired or find yourself unable to get through simple chores without falling asleep, it's time to do something about it. It's a problem when the regular crazy life you were once able to tolerate suddenly becomes intolerable.”

Night Sweats

When you extremely sweat at night, you might need to go to your doctor because night sweats are usually signs of acute leukemia.

Feeling Full Or Bloated

You will suffer on a condition known as "early satiety" if you have acute or chronic leukemia. You will have an extended spleen which was starting up in the stomach which causes you to feel that you are always full and loss of appetite.

Constant Sickness

The patient who was suffering from leukemia usually feel sick or getting a risk of sickness that lasted for a long period of time than the normal due to the bone marrow that stops the production of white blood cells that combats against infections.

Renteria continues,

 “Flu or a cold that might normally last five days starts lasting two weeks. You might start having fevers a lot or develop pneumonia. You're just sick all the time.”

Excessive Bleeding

Because of insufficient platelets that lead to the blood to clot, you might experience unexpected nosebleeds or gum bleeding. There are times that even the cut of paper will take a long period of time to treat correctly.

Go to your doctor quickly if you suffered extreme or abnormal bleeding.

Pounding Headaches

Suffering from headaches every day was not a normal thing. This might be because of stress or tension. Experiencing persistent headaches can be associated with a life-threatening problem bleeding in the head or leukemia.

Swollen Or Enlarged Gums

Gingival hyperplasia is a disease where the person suffers to an increment size of the gums which commonly found in the patients who have acute leukemia.

You might always feel an unfamiliar tightness in your mouth when you suffer from this sign.

A Skin Rash

The patients who were suffering in leukemia might suffer from skin rashes. A rash induced by Sweet's syndrome which frequently related to leukemia and looks angry and red that look alike to an allergic reaction. The other one was leukemia in the skin which similar to your skin that has a lump embedded inside of it and has a small pile that begins to develop. Seldom, it will be a plaque-like. These rashes remain to spread and develop.

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