Natural Remedies For Scalp Psoriasis

The cause of it was still not clear, however, the risk factors of it are smoking, abnormality in the immune

Scalp psoriasis is a condition where the person gets scaly and reddish patches on the scalp. The cause of it was still not clear, however, the risk factors of it are smoking, abnormality in the immune system, genetics, stress, obesity, and HIV.

Here are the lists of signs of scalp psoriasis:

  1. Inflammation or burning sensation
  2. Scalp dryness
  3. Flaky skin that resembles dandruff
  4. Patches or bumps on the scalp (usually pink/red)
  5. Silvery-white scales
  6. Bleeding (from scratching the scales)
Sadly, this skin problem doesn't have treatment, however, there are some home and natural treatments that you can use to help manage the flaking, inflammation, and itchiness that usually happen.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV contains antiseptic and antibacterial compounds that stop infection to occur and help decrease irritation, redness, and soreness. All you need to do was to combine a half cup of water and 2 tablespoons of ACV and put it on the affected part for around 20 minutes. Use lukewarm water to wash off the scalp. Do this process two times a week to decrease the burning sensation. But keep in mind that if you have a bleeding or cracked scalp you must avoid using ACV because it will hurt and produce irritation.

Avocado Or Coconut Or Oil

Avocado and coconut oil can help to boost and keep the skin healthy. They are also immediately absorbed in the scalp and help to decrease scaling and stop the patches and dryness from happening.

Heat the oil gently and put on the scalp and cover with a shower cap. Let it stir overnight. Wash your hair like the usual process that you do in the morning.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic compounds that can help to cure inflammatory problems and decrease redness and inflammation.

Neem Oil

Neem oil which came from the neem tree contains antibacterial compounds that help to treat skin infections. It helps to lessen the redness related to your skin problem and moisturizes cracked and dry skin. Combine neem oil and shampoos to treat and reduce the signs of scalp psoriasis.

Aloe Vera

When aloe vera was put on the scalp, it will give a relaxing and comfort effect. It can help to lessen itching, redness, and scaling induced by scalp psoriasis.

Use raw, fresh aloe vera gel together with lavender oil three times a day for over a month to get the desired results. Use mild and medicated shampoo to rinse off your hair.

Baking Soda

Baking soda contains antifungal compounds that help decrease inflammation and psoriasis patches.

All you need to do was to put it on your head to relieve inflammation and itching on your scalp.

You can also combine it will a glass of water. Use a cotton pad or washcloth to put the solution on your head.


Turmeric can help to decrease the signs of psoriasis because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. Consume 1.5 - 3 grams of turmeric every day. Combine powdered or fresh turmeric on your cooking.

Fish Oil

This oil was plenty in omega-3 fatty acids that can help to decrease swelling and redness connected to the scalp psoriasis. Some of the sources of this are walnuts, hemp seeds, and flaxseed. Consume 3 grams of fish oil every day.

Oatmeal Bath

Oats can help you with itching, inflammation, and flaking condition. All you need to do was combine a cup of raw ground, unflavored oats on a warm bath and dip in for several minutes. You can notice that the affected region was completely immersed when you take a bath.


Ginger contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help detoxifies the blood and stop infections from happening.

You must combine a cup of hot water and dried ginger for several minutes. Strain the tea and combine a 1/2 teaspoon of lemon and honey. Consume around 1-2 cups of ginger tea daily.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt helps infiltrates plaques and scales and relieve itching to give you comfort. It also helps to exfoliate the dry skin.

Combine your regular shampoo and Epsom salt. Wash your scalp and hair. Do the steps each of the time when you wash your hair.

Shea Butter

Shea butter can help to nourish and moisturize the scalp. It is plenty in triglycerides, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Melt shea butter and put it on the scalp. Let it stir overnight. Rinse off your hair. Using this will help to eliminate the scaly and dead skin on your scalp. Do the process one or two times a day.

But keep in mind that you should put a small patch on your skin when you will gonna use oil on your scalp to determine if you are allergic to the oil.

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