Always Feeling Tired? Hidden Causes Of Fatigue You May Not Know

 But there are some times that we continually feel weakened, and whenever we wake in the morning

A lot of us surely know what it feels like to be tired, particularly if you are experiencing some health problems like flu, fever, or other viral infections. But there are some times that we continually feel weakened, and whenever we wake in the morning, we feel like we didn’t get enough sleep which for us to helpless to function at work or be fruitful at home, or we have a relapsing, steadfast, and unexplained exhaustion. You might need to see a doctor because feeling fatigue might not be whole because of the harried lifestyle.

Hidden Causes Of Fatigue

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

You might feel fatigued if you are a lack of vitamin B12. You can also suffer memory loss, numbness, and nerve-tingling. This is usually common with those with nutrient malabsorption and among vegetarians because one can often get vitamin B12 on animal food.

Underactive Thyroid Gland

If you are feeling a little depressed or sluggish, you might experience hypothyroidism or a slow thyroid.

Sleep Apnea

You might be experiencing sleep apnea if you wake up tired after getting enough sleep. This can induce you to instantly stop breathing at night which can stop the body from getting the rest that it needed and offer to a lower quality of sleep. One of the common symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring.

Here’s the thing that you need to do when you have this problem:

  1. To get your breathing back on the normal level, you need to execute deep breathing exercises.
  2.  Losing around 5-10 pounds can make a big difference.


Anemia can be cured by consuming iron-rich foods such as spinach and broccoli and also consume more green vegetables, improving the consumption of vitamin C, consuming pomegranate juice or beetroot, and eating yogurt with turmeric.

Too Much Caffeine Consumption

It is true that caffeinated drinks and coffee can speed up your energy. But it can obliquely result in fatigue once it goes on your system.

Researchers discovered that even though caffeinated energy improved alertness for a few hours and enhanced mood, the participants still feel tired and weak that the normal the next day based on research.

You can maximize the benefits of caffeine and prevent this effect by taking it slightly rather than in high doses.


A lot of people neglect to keep hydrated. Due to this, they may be suffered from muscle pain, dizziness, or regular fatigue.

One of the symptoms of hydration is dark-colored urine. Urine is a great sign of the levels of hydration. It becomes darker when you have a sufficient quantity of water in your body.

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